A seated chair massage service focusing on the neck, back and shoulders.

Man receiving massage in chair

I am happy to come to your workplace with my mobile massage chair.

I ask that I can set up in a room removed from the hustle and bustle of the main office area, so there is some measure of privacy. Most corporate massage clients have a 10  to 15 minute massage.

Corporate massage helps:

  • Facilitate reduction of stress and anxiety in the workplace and helps improve energy and concentration.
  • It is a way to reward your team!
  • It can help your staff feel more motivated and productive.
  • It can increase morale and enthusiasm amongst staff.
  • Regularly performed mobile massage can help reduce the buildup of muscle tension especially in the neck and shoulders.

All massages are performed whilst fully clothed on a mobile massage chair.

Relaxing music is played in the immediate environment and sometimes essential oils can be utilised to assist.

A minimum of 3 staff are required to book a massage for me to attend your workplace. There is no extra charge for the business (e.g. mileage). I have my own indemnity and public liability insurance.

Current local workplaces that have me attend are:

Bundaberg Probation & Parole

Bundaberg Disability Queensland

Bundaberg Hospital – Margaret Rose Centre & Medical Education

The cost is $1 a minute.

Call to schedule an appointment: 0407150364